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AJ's Roofing makes client satisfaction top priority. We keep our customers involved throughout the entire roofing process from start to finish.  Our goal is to make your roofing experience as simple as possible.  We have provided information below to help you have a better understanding about pricing and a glimpse of the roofing industry as a whole.

How is an estimate calculated?

  • Measure square footage of roof
  • Determine amount of materials required based on square footage
  • Labor 

​What may affect pricing?

Want to know more?

The roofing experts at Aj's Roofing have provided a detailed look at the roofing business for your convenience.

The cost for a roof can seem like a mystery to a customer.  If you call more than one roofing contractor for an estimate, you will likely get three different prices. Sometimes the price difference ranges by the thousands, leaving customers puzzled. Estimates are determined by the number of shingles necessary to cover the square footage of the roof. Labor costs are also added into this price.  Every roof is different and this is where cost can vary based on the factors listed above. ("What may affect pricing?")

Here is the ugly side of the roofing industry: 

There are roofing companies out there that are cheeper than the rest. This really hurts the roofing industry as a whole because these types of companies are essentially a scam. They cut corners and use defective, second-hand materials that will impact the future of your roof and home (also your wallet). Another issue with "fly-by-night contractors" is the hiring of unskilled workers so that the company can once again, sway clients with low pricing. These roofing swindlers will profit as much as a reliable roofing company would, but unfortunately a cheap roof will not last the stormy weathers of time.

Why choose AJ's Roofing for your Memphis roofing contractor?

Aj's Roofing believes in working with integrity. We are a local, family owned company and have had the same reliable employees for over 15 years.  AJ's uses Tamko shingles which are some of the best on the market. We treat our clients with utmost respect and care. So when it comes to Memphis roofing, we plan to exceed customer expectations by giving the best service, quality materials, and most honest, affordable pricing possible.